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Having been there recently myself I thought that perhaps it was fitting that I write a blog post about moving – shedding some light on things I have learned firsthand from the moving process.


Here are my top ten tips to consider
when moving out of and into a new home.


Tip # 1: Give yourself lots of time – don’t procrastinate on getting started. Give yourself lots of time to pack, starting with the off-season items and working your way through decorative items, things you only use on occasion like serving plates or duplicate items you have. It is also wise to set aside a weeks worth of clothing and items you might need for the week prior to moving.

Tip # 2: Be resourceful – there are a lot of unforeseen costs associated with moving, so why not look to Marketplace or Kijiji to see if you can purchase boxes from people who have just moved; not only are you saving money because purchasing boxes can add up, but you are also helping the environment one cardboard box at a time.

Tip # 3: Label, label, label – as soon as you tape up the box, grab a good permanent black marker and label it. Be sure to put what room you want that box to go into, as well as, a word or two about the contents inside so that as you unpack you can do so in a thoughtful manner that helps when organizing. Be sure to not only label the top on the box but also one or two sides of the box, and if a box is heavy or contains fragile contents label that on the box as well.

Tip # 4: Box size matters – and so does it’s contents.  You can fit a lot of small things into a small box and that box get heavy pretty quickly. So, think about packing 1-3 heavy items in one box and perhaps several light items into another box. You and/or your movers will appreciate boxes of a relatively consistent weight and size the day of the move.

Tip # 5: Purge before you pack – moving is a great time to go through and let go of items that you may not use, need, or wear anymore. Consider having a garage sale if you have quite a few things, or post individual items on Marketplace or Kijiji or donate to a local shelter or organization.

Tip # 6: Clean as you pack – it is common to have a clause in a Purchase Agreement about the Sellers leaving the home in a “broom swept manner and free of debris and garbage”. So, to make the cleaning easier for you on the day of the move, consider cleaning the spaces you just packed as you go.

Tip # 7: Hire movers – there are many companies out there that you can hire to move all the contents of your home so can rest assured things will be done professionally and efficiently, and perhaps more importantly to some, you don’t have to do that back laboring work. However, perhaps you opt to rent a truck and move things yourself but don’t have the means to move the treadmill or piano, then consider hiring movers that specialize in just that. There are all sorts of moving companies out there that are experts at moving specific heavy, awkward or complicated equipment.  Many will also come and disassemble, move, and then reassemble, if need be, as well.

Tip # 8: Transport fragile things in your car – set aside any fragile or delicate items that require a little extra love transporting from all the other boxes and items that will be loaded onto the truck by the movers. Though they will be careful when moving, accidents can happen and if there is something of special importance you want to keep intact err on the side of caution and move that item yourself.

Tip # 9: Have boxes ready by the door – if you have the space in your foyer or your garage, store boxes you have packed for moving there to make it easier for the movers to grab and put them into the truck. The movers will appreciate the boxes being near the door and will free up congestion in your home as people are walking in and out.

Tip # 10: One last look – leave one unused box or a laundry basket aside for when you do your final scan through the home before handing over the keys. There will inevitably be a cupboard full of cans you missed or some electronics for the television that you need to take with you. It may also be advantageous to have a garbage bag and cloth handy in case you notice things that need to be thrown out or wiped up.

Bonus Tip – This isn’t so much as a moving tip but rather some insight that new homeowners often overlook when moving into a new home. Plan ahead to have window treatments. Sometimes the home you are moving into will have blinds or curtains but often the previous homeowner takes them when they move, or if it’s a new build there won’t be any window treatments at all. Use one of your walk thru visits to measure windows so that you can go and select window treatments of your choice ahead of time which can be scheduled to be installed when you move in.

If you are thinking of selling and want to know more about everything that is involved; from listing to moving day, contact me today.